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FOSC Beard Care Boutique Set - Cedar Musk

FOSC Beard Care Boutique Set - Cedar Musk


1 - Beard Oil - Cedar Musk

A wonderful blend of all natural essential oils hydrates the skin and helps soften and control your beard.  All working together with a fresh natural scent to keep you looking and smelling fantastic.

1 - Beard Balm Slider

All-Natural beard balm recipe with organically grown ingredients complemented with beeswax. This superb formula keeps your beard styled and helps increase growth, all with a fresh mint scent.

1 - Utility Wash Brick - Cedar Musk

Our all-natural goat milk Utility Wash Bricks provides clean conditioning skin. Use all over that body, has a tad of exfoliate to help remove the dead skin cells and hydrate the new ones.


Size: 15 oz | 443 ml

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