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FOSC Deluxe Shave Kit - Mint

FOSC Deluxe Shave Kit - Mint

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Ever ponder wonder why you get nicks, red bumps and razor burn from your multi blade razor? Mostly because you're shaving five times in one swipe! That style razor is completely fine if you have skin like leather, in that case, men's grooming probably isn't your thing, but for the rest of us, the Double Edge Safety Razor is a skin clearing experience. Lather up and shave the right way, you'll never go back.
1 - FOSC Closed Comb Gold & Black Safety Razor
  • Double Edge.
  • Anodized Black Handle.
  • Brass With Gold Finish.
  • Heads are Chrome Plated Cast Zinc Alloy.

1 - Astra Superior 

  • Platinum Double Edge.
  • 5 Blades in a Pack.

1 - Cliff Original All-Natural Shave Butter

  • Moisturizing.
  • Fresh Mint.

1 - Shaving Factory Large Handmade Shaving Brush 

  • Beech Wood Handle.
  • Natural Boar Hair.
  • Hand Made.
  • 3.5 inches tall and 1 inch in diameter.

1 - Shaving Factory White Shaving Mug 

  • high-quality stoneware
  • easy-to-grip handle
  • properly designed to fit most shaving soaps
  • aid in heat retention 
Size: 32 oz | 946 ml
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