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FOSC Skin Care Boutique Set - Bay Rum

FOSC Skin Care Boutique Set - Bay Rum

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1 - Hair Wax Pomade

Our Hair Wax Pomade is mixed with natural ingredients. Preserving the hair's unique oils and never useing chemicals or synthetic products. Our wax creates a polished look without leaving behind residue. This cafefuly crafted recipe keeps your look with a flexible hold.

1 - Daily Face Moisturizer - Bay Rum

All-Natural face moisturizer that goes on smooth, non-greasy, and smells fantastic.  Loaded with Vitamin E and essential oils to protect from the elements.  Great for religiously daily routines.

1 - Utility Wash Brick - Bay Rum

Our all-natural goat milk Utility Wash Bricks provides clean conditioning skin. Use all over that body, has a tad of exfoliate to help remove the dead skin cells and hydrate the new ones.

1 - Lip Balm - Mint

All-natural lip balm built with aloe Vera, Shea butter and vitamin E to protect and hydrate your lips. The aloe + fresh mint flavor keeps your pucker ready for anything.

 Size: 17 oz | 502 ml

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